Office Properties

Office Properties

Office (English office) or office (German Kontor) – buildings, a complex of buildings in which the employees work. In the office, take the customer, store and process documents, archives, and so on.

Main office – the office in which the management of the company, the seat of the central office of the company or the company that hosts the top management of the company or enterprise, the management, the Secretariat and other relevant administrative departments. Location of the company indicated in the registration of the company. To give some importance (significance) of its head office (the office) is called the headquarters, which is a misapplication of the term.
For the office sometimes means an office manager or employee of a public organization, government agency, company, corporation, etc.


For the convenience of business turnover offices are usually attributed to a particular category. The most common is the character classification, according to which highlights the main categories of office space A, B, C, D, (A – the highest, D – the lowest class) which are further refined by the addition of the symbols “+” and «-» (A + , A, A-, etc.), or numerical indices (A1, A2, etc.). Assigning a class to some extent subjective and is based on the following characteristics of the premises:

  • Location
  • Building
  • Built year
  • Rights
  • Building management
  • Constructive solutions
  • Floor decks
  • Windows
  • Layout and decoration
  • Engineering Systems
  • Air conditioning and ventilation
  • Telecommunications
  • Parking
  • Elevators
  • Protection
  • Infrastructure.

Class A office

One of the types of areas intended for employees, doing business, receiving customers. These offices are located in the central part of the city, in the prestigious buildings of new construction [1], business centers, making class offices most expensive in terms of the rent. Usually rented to house senior managers, often perform representative functions.
Class A office tenants – large companies, branches of foreign companies.
For Class A typical guide international management company, individual interior decoration or architectural design, the latest equipment, the availability of the room to communicate with VIP-clients, reception, floor height of at least 3, 6 m, fiber-optic telecommunications.
Features of buildings in which the offices of class: the presence of air conditioning, its own security, high speed elevators, conference rooms, surface and underground parking, a cafe, an automated life-support systems, access control systems to the building of business center.
Isolated office class A +, A, A-, or A1, A2 and A3.

Class B office space

Class B office space – one of the types of rooms intended for employees of the business. Somewhat inferior to the level of Class A office, are the offices of economy class, have a lower rental rate. Designed to accommodate the key personnel of the company. B class offices are categorized workers, not representative rooms. Usually they choose reputable banks, representative offices of foreign companies and the media.
Class B office space located in the renovated mansions and buildings of modern construction, modernized administrative and industrial buildings, 60 – 80 years of the last century. Some offices of class B are in the business centers of the former category A, during the past five years of operation.
For class B buildings characterized by the same parameters as for Class A, but the range of services can be narrower. So, for Class B is characterized by a ground parking is often lacking building management system. For buildings with offices Class B imposed less stringent requirements for the quality decoration, the level of engineering and ventilation systems.
In category B class offices distinguish B +, B1, and B2.

Office of class C

Type of premises which are rented from businesses, office buildings, or SRI for offices, but was originally not intended for her. In this type of buildings often lack modern air conditioning system and a number of other infrastructure. Many of them are outdated and in need of repair, but they have basic communication, as a building, redeveloped for offices, for a long period are already in operation.
Office tenants are small companies and organizations. The buildings are located in sleeping or too prosperous areas. Often, it is a building with an outdated facade and interior, so the tenants produce cosmetic or complete renovation. Characterized inconvenient entrance, there is no centralized parking.
To a limited set of services in Class C includes: central heating, communication, including the Internet, toilet on the floor or in the corridor, a common ventilation system, security, availability, and the dining room, in rare cases, a small cafe.

Office of class D

Offices of class D – typical building Institutskaya Soviet period in a state of “Not good.” This type of buildings have more negative traits than positive. Most major repairs are required. The characteristic features of a class D: unpresentable look awkward layout and outdated communication, lack of air conditioning.