Hotel real estate.Classification of accommodation facilities

Hotel real estate

Accommodation facilities are divided into collective and individual.

By collective accommodation facilities include:

Hotels and similar accommodation facilities:

  • Hotels (including apartment type)
  • Motels
  • clubs with accommodation
  • boarding houses, rooming houses
  • dorm

Specialty of accommodation:

  • sanatoriums, dispensaries
  • camp and rest
  • rest homes
  • hiking shelters, parking and other
  • hiking, sports centers, recreation
  • House Hunter (fisherman)
  • conference centers
  • public means of transport (trains, cruise ships, yachts)
  • land and sea transport, converted by means of accommodation for the night
  • camping (camping sites, caravans)

Personal webpage:

  • apartments, rooms in apartments, houses, cottages, rent

Hotel – a company that provides people who are away from home, a range of services, the most important of which are equally, hosting and service of food.

The essence of the service location is that on the one hand, the use of special facilities available (hotel rooms), on the other – services are performed directly to the hotel staff: reception reception and registration of guests, maid service cleaning hotel rooms and etc.

Different hotels have different categories of rooms vary in size, furnishings, equipment, facilities, etc. However, regardless of the category of the hotel room must have the following equipment and furniture: a bed, a chair and a chair, dressing table, wardrobe, general lighting, trash. At least 60% of room stock in such accommodation must be single and double rooms. In addition, in each room should contain information about the hotel and an evacuation plan in case of fire. Other services complete the offer of accommodation and food services. These include a swimming pool, conference rooms, meeting rooms, sports equipment, car rental, dry cleaning, laundry, hairdresser, massage and others. Depending on how they are designed and combined into a single complex, made up a certain type of business, for example, all-suite hotel, middle-class hotel, hotel, apartment, hotel economy class resort hotel, motel, private hotel of the “bed and breakfast “.

But there are some common features, which are typically classified hotels. We highlight only the most used among them:

1. The level of comfort – a comprehensive test, the components of which are:

  • room conditions: room size, the proportion of single rooms, suites, rooms, apartments, availability of public facilities in the rooms
  • condition of furniture, equipment, sanitary and hygienic
  • availability and condition of food businesses
  • condition of the building, access roads, construction of the surroundings
  • with information and technical equipment
  • provision of additional services

2. Occupancy room capacity – the number of seats that can be offered to customers at a time. Customary to divide the hotel to:

  • small – capacity up to 150 seats (in some countries up to 100 numbers)
  • average – 150-400 seats (300 rooms)
  • large – more than 400 people (over 300 rooms)

3. Functional purpose – this criterion is decisive in determining the typological structure of the hotel. Total identified two large groups of companies, transit and target:

Transit – hotels serving tourists in a short stop. They are located on highways with lots of traffic, they limited comfort.

Target Offers depending on the purpose of travel are divided into:

  • Hotel business destination, serving people who have been on mission
  • hotels for rest (resort – providing accommodation, food and a range of additional services for people wishing to rest and restoration of health, and tourism – the main goal of rest).

4. Location

Here there are different variations. Hotels can be located within the city, the mountains, the coast, etc.

In addition to the location of the hotel is isolated classification numbers and types of rooms.

5. Duration of activity

According to this criterion are classified hotels to hotels, all year, working 2 seasons or hotels that operate only one season.

6. Nutrition security

  • Hotel operating on an “all inclusive” (placement + four meals to include alcoholic beverages, both local and foreign producers, depending on the specific hotel and its cost value);
  • Hotels, providing full board (accommodation + meals)
  • Hotels, providing half board (accommodation + half board with a variation brunch or breakfast and dinner)
  • offering hotel accommodation and breakfast only

7. Duration of stay of visitors

  • hotels for long-staying guests
  • Hotel for a short stay

8. Price level rooms are classified as:

  • budget
  • cost
  • average
  • Classy
  • Fashionable

So there are a lot of principles and criteria for classification of hotels worldwide, depending on national, geographical features of the country, as well as local traditions. In the classification of hotels in different countries use different systems.

Classification of hotels on interstate.

Number of stars Characterization
1 This accommodation must be separate from the service entrance for guests, parking, seats on which not less than 10% of the number of rooms, lift (in a building taller than three floors) bathrooms (toilet, sink, shower or bath tub) at least 25% rooms and on each floor reception with seating area and waiting room as well as consumer services. At least 60% of room stock in such accommodation must be single and double rooms. Area 1-room single rooms without bathrooms, loggias and balconies shall be not less than 8 m., And one-room double – at least 12 square meters. TV and fridge on the floor
2 In addition to all the above, for hotels (with more than 50 rooms) should be another restaurant or hotel and suites (apartments), or numbers that can be connected. Bathrooms should already be in the 50% of the rooms and the number of single and double rooms – at least 80% of the fund
3 The ratio of number fund corresponds to 2 *. Each must be a toilet and a bathroom, TV, refrigerator and air conditioning. At the hotel should be located parking, hairdresser, business center, currency exchange and ticket office booking tickets for various modes of transport. Hotel staff must have uniforms differentiated by services
4 Range of additional services, respective hotels with 3 *, except the above, telephone, hair dryer, shampoo, shower gel, bath in each room. Door security enhanced. The breakfast menu is served in the room. At the hotel there are: beauty salon, fitness center, car rental. At the entrance of the hotel carefully illuminated sign. Be sure the doorman
5 The same as in a 4 * hotel, but at a better level of service. Accommodations required 2 bathroom, telephone in the bathroom. Area single one-room must be at least 18 square meters. a double – 25 square meters. and more