Structural system of the building

The buildings consist of structures, which, by their functions are divided into supporting, protecting and combinations that perform simultaneously supporting and protecting functions (such as walls, covering the building envelope). More »


Building – ground construction works with facilities for living (housing) and (or) human activity, the location of production, storage, production or animal husbandry. More »

Investors Me Share on commercial real estate

All over the world there has been a new trend. Investors fleeing risk, began to invest in commercial real estate. More »

Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate – buildings, structures or land used for commercial activity with subsequent extraction of permanent income or capital gains, rental income, investment income. More »

Advantages of mortgage

The real estate market will always be important. People always have a need to move home, improve their homes, buy new homes. The truth is not always people who have to have the amount of money. More »


Classification retail real estate

Classification retail real estate

By type of building and the features of its space-planning decisions:

  • Built-on premises
  • Stand-alone buildings
  • Trade centers (facilities, including several buildings)

Hotel real estate.Classification of accommodation facilities

Hotel real estate

Accommodation facilities are divided into collective and individual.

By collective accommodation facilities include:

Hotels and similar accommodation facilities:

  • Hotels (including apartment type)
  • Motels

Classification of Industrial Estate

Classification of Industrial Estate

Industrial Property can be divided by type of accessories:

  • heavy objects and instrument
  • objects of light and food industry
  • facilities, multi-specialty

Classification warehouse

Classification warehouse

Classification of warehouses by an international consulting company “Knight Frank”

Class A +

Essential criteria:

  • By type of building and the features of its space-planning decisions: modern single warehouse building of light metal and sandwich panels, preferably rectangular in shape, with no pillars or columns in increments of at least 12 meters, the distance between the span of at least 24 meters.